Snails Game Wins the Pocket PC Award 2002 for Action Slot Online Games Category

Washington, U.S.A. – We are proud to announce that our product Snails Game has been declared a winner as the Best Action Game in the Pocket PC Awards 2002 ceremony held yesterday, October 23, at Pocket PC Summit in Hollywood, California. You can read more about the Pocket PC award winners at this URL.


Snails features multi-player over TCP/IP, incredible graphics and animation, top-notch audio, a quick engine, root beer, and wacky humor; all custom designed for your Pocket PC.


“The PocketPC Awards are the Academy Awards of the PocketPC Industry” said Peter Balogh, Software Developer. Randall Schleufer, Animator and Creator of Snails Characters, Jason Surguine, Sound and Special Effects and Andie Clarke, “the Snails Ladie” were on hand to accept the award. (Peter was back on Planet Schnoogie unable to catch a Root Beer Float flight out to Hollywood) The entire team sends their gratitude and special thanks to the MegExpo organizers, PocketPC Magazine, PocketMatrix, PocketGamer, the Judges, all the Independent Gaming Developers and of course the Snails fans.


The Pocket PC Awards are organized every year by Pocket PC magazine to honor the Best Pocket PC products. This year 436 software titles from 57 categories were nominated for the awards. Out of those, 158 were selected as finalists, and 57 emerged as winners. The finalists and winners were selected by a Board of Experts which comprises some of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the Pocket PC community.


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