A seven track mini album from this Black Country quartet, that is a brutal display of in your face Midlands Metalcore.

It kicks off with Scavengers Of The Damned, a four and a half minute aural assault, which sets the tone for the rest of the album.Rich on vocals has that rare knack of producing a great metal growl, where you can still hear the words clearly, whilst the drum and bass lines of Ste and Chris are so heavy, there should be a health warning on the cover! The glue that holds all this together is the guitars of Mark. Whether it’s out and out thrash riffs or more technical breakdowns, Mark has more hooks than your local tackle shop, it’s hard to believe that there’s only one of him!

Speed freaks will love this album, it’s pretty much non-stop throughout, tearing along at a breakneck pace, with nicely timed breakdowns. Track 2, Solitary, is a fine example of this, there’s even a nine minute epic which will keep even the most ardent metal aficionados happy.

All in all this is a fine album from a young band, and final track “Injustice” just confirms that Through Her Eyes are a quality outfit who are on the cusp of taking their music to the next level, and whilst Midlands Metalcore fans contemplate the recent demise of local favourites, Beyond Redemption and the forced hiatus of Adust, then they could fill that gap in their lives by checking out these guys  

 The album is launched on Sunday 25th July with a gig at JB’s, Dudley

 Track Listing

Scavengers Of The Damned



My Place Is Nowhere

Smile Carved From Bone

Winter Of Ashes